Track and Field equipment

Track and field equipment includes many items that are specially designed for sporting purposes. Each track and field sports event requires different types of equipment.

It includes shoes and clothing for hurdles, discus units, vault, and other equipment used in the track and field competitions. The most common equipment are those that athletes in the track and field event usually wear such as tracksuits, spikes, jerseys, and shorts, etc.

Other tracks and field types of equipment are specific for the event or the activity. Such as poles used in the pole vault event, mats that are used to cushion the pole vault athletes during the landing from the poles.

Check out all the track and field equipment below:

Track and field equipment’s list


Hurdle’s equipment in track and field

Hurdles in track and field are the most popular event of athletics sports. For this sporting event, you must need some equipment. Here we will discuss these hurdles equipment:

An Electro-Galvanized club hurdle specially designs equipment for the training purpose. These are very lightweight and sizes are adjustable according to the athletes.

Self-Return Aluminum Hurdle equipment for track and field athletics is a set of three perfect hurdles. These hurdles are very compact when they are not in use.

The portable adjustable steeplechase hurdle is the hurdle equipment in the world that can be moved and adjusted with no time during the races.

Throwing equipment in Track and Field

Throwing in track and field athletics sports is one of the most popular events.However,  Throwing events include discus throw, shot put, and hammer throw. It requires some specific equipment, which we will discuss in detail:

Discus throw sport doesn’t need heavy equipment to play the game. You just need to require a couple of gears. The most important equipment in throwing events is a discus and it may be found in various materials. Cage is also important equipment in a discus throwing sport.

Shot put sport also needs some equipment to play. Track and field have a number of shots put either indoor or outdoor. That equipment may include:

Indoor shot puts

Outdoor shot puts

Shot put throwing shoes

Toeboards for shot put

Shot put circles, etc.

Hammers throw needs equipment such as a throwing circle, landing circle, and protective cage.

Running Equipment in Track and Field

There is a number of necessary equipment for running sport in the track and field event. Running races in the track and field event is middle distance running and long-distance running. Each running event requires some equipment.

Here in this section, you will find the equipment required for the middle distance races.

Running shoes for track

Jackets for running

Long pants & long sleeves shirts


Water bottle

First aid kit


Long-distance running races have some other equipment that you need to know before the race.



Running shoes


Water bottle and cup

First aid kit and maps

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