Are you looking for the top most popular sports in the world or need some sporting inspiration? Here we have mentioned the 10 top most popular contributions of sports in the world. However, it is quite difficult to guess the particular amount of participation in the world’s most popular sports. But it could be possible to give an idea generally for some of the most contributing sports using the existing research, while we can admire that list because it could be a debatable topic.

Sports have entertained us more than anything else and work as an instrument in the socio-economic change as well. It also helps to build one of the world’s most vibrant economic systems. Therefore, in most of the developed countries, the revenue which generates these most entertaining and popular sports activities is used for the development of economic systems.

However, there are several types of sports that can be presented categorically are known as the top 10 most popular sports of the world.

Popular sports in the world

  1. Soccer/Football sports
  2. Badminton sports
  3. Hockey sports
  4. Volleyball sports
  5. Basketball sports
  6. Tennis sports
  7. Cricket sports
  8. Table Tennis sports
  9. Baseball sports
  10. Golf sports


Soccer/Football – popular sports

With an expectation, 4 billion fans, soccer, or football as it is popular in the United States and Canada, is obviously one of the most popular sports in the world. Football is played by two teams on a rectangular court with a goal at both ends. Each team tries to dribble the ball and score against the opposite goal. The football sport is played by more than 270 million people all over the world, especially in Africa, Europe, Central, and South America. And it is at the top of the list of most-watched sports in the world.

The most significant football competition, the FIFA World Cup, was watched by a record number of 3.5 billion fans in 2018. Apart from that, all the major football competitions, from the UEFA Champions League to the English Premier League or La Liga, have a wide fan following on various social media platforms.

Badminton – popular sports

Some people may be surprised that badminton is among the 10 most participating sports in the world. However, badminton is one of the very popular sports that are frequently played by an expected 220 million people all over the world. It is especially popular in Asia, where many of the best players to adorn the game come from the continent.

Hockey – popular sports

Both ice hockey and field hockey are among the world’s most popular sports. However, ice hockey gets a lot of attention in the USA, Northern Europe, and Canada that are not the same as other areas. Worldwide, about 2 billion people follow hockey, most notably the National Hockey League (NHL). The women’s and men’s hockey leagues also get significant attention from brands such as Reebok, Gatorade, and many others who are ready to sign endorsement agreements with these teams.

Volleyball – popular sports

Volleyball is a sport that attracts almost 900 million fans and getting a lot of attention globally, especially in South and North America, Australia, Asia, and Western Europe. However, it is less on-screen game as compared to other most popular sports. Volleyball is popular among both genders and it is developing. And also making it one of the fastest-growing sports in the modern era. Brands like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Mikasa support volleyball events.

Basketball – popular sports

Basketball is a trendy sport, invented by the American-Canadian professor James Naismith. However, it is now played worldwide with around 825 million fans following. Basketball is a speedy sport that is being played between two teams. There is no denying that basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world today. The sport also has several women’s leagues all over the world, which also fascinates media attention. Basketball fans can attest that brands are willing to spend millions of dollars on approval deals with the best basketball players. These deals are sometimes staying with them even after the player’s retirement, as seen in LeBron James and Michael Jordan’s shoe deal with Nike.

Tennis – popular sports

Tennis sport is commonly known as the world’s most popular single sport. It is played by the millions of men and women worldwide, according to Top end Sports rankings. However, the double version of the tennis sport is also really popular around the world. That’s why it is on the list of the 10 most popular sports in the perspective of participation.

Cricket – popular sports

Cricket is one of the popular sports with a wide global reach. It is a fantastic sport, with about 2.5 billion fans following, mainly from countries like Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, New Zealand, and India. The most-watched competition in cricket, the Cricket World Cup. Although male-dominated cricket is getting more attention, female-dominated cricket has gained popularity in recent years. Most of the participants in this sport come from Australia, India, Pakistan, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. But cricket is also on the rise in other countries in the world. The International Cricket Council (ICC) identified that 125 countries around the world practice this sport.

Table Tennis – popular sports

Table tennis is also known as Ping Pong, and its fanbase popularity is almost 875 million around the world. Basically, this sport is originated in the early 20th century in England. As an indoor game, tennis is becoming increasingly popular with the incorporation of social clubs, schools, and different sports centers all over the world. Although table tennis events do not get as much publicity as other popular sports tournaments. They have enough fan followers on social media around the world.

Baseball – popular sports

Baseball is also known as the most played and most popular sport in the world of sports and games. This is one the most popular sports, not only in America, but in East Asian and Caribbean countries as well. Moreover, baseball is becoming more and more popular in East Asian countries like Japan and has around 500 million fans all over the world. If we talk about gender equality, baseball is a male-dominated sport. But a female version of this game is also becoming popular by the name of Softball. Therefore, by the estimation generated by the WBSC (World Baseball, Softball Confederation), almost 65 million people in over 140 countries play either baseball or softball.

Golf – popular sports

Golf is one of the most popular and ancient sports in the world. Almost 450 million people from all over the world are participating in golf sports. And all participants or players of golf from all over the world enjoyed this sport. Golf is most popular in East Asia, North America, and Western Europe. However, golf is one of the most popular sports. The players have to put the ball in the specified hole with fewer strokes. Therefore, due to its popularity, golf has received top brand sponsorships from all over the world. These include Rolex, BMW, Nike, Cadillac, and Adidas etc.

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