Professional wrestling is a performance art that involves scripted matches and the result of that scripted match is already planned. The amateur styles of wrestling and professional wrestling are different. These matches are basically based on catch and classical wrestling. However, it also involves modern techniques like striking attack, acrobatics, feats of strength, fast-moving, athleticism, and improved weaponry. Moreover, professional wrestling basically includes melodrama. The match plays in a ring that is similar to the boxing sport.

As we knew that professional wrestling is a scripted form of wrestling. In Television, most of the additional scenes from backstage are records to supplement the drama in the ring.

Background of professional Wrestling

Professional wrestling basically begins in the 19th century and early 20th century in the United Kingdom and the United States as a competitive sport that is based on catch or Greco-Roman Wrestling.

In the 1920s, the wrestler starts for the first time choreographing their wrestling matches so the time duration of the match will be less and the match will be more entertaining and also it is less physically taxing. By following this strategy the wrestler will attract more audience and also they perform effectively. By the 1930s the real matches plays but less frequently.

In Mexico and Japan, this business model and strategy is successful but limited to other countries. Moreover, professional wrestlers have a strong background in catch and amateur wrestling. However, but after some years it faded gradually and promoters who want to promote this sport attracts athletics from other sports.

Moreover, nowadays professional wrestler doesn’t need any amateur background in pro wrestling but in some cases, some wrestlers still want the solid background in amateur wrestling.

Interesting facts about professional Wrestling

In Japan, Europe, and North America the show wrestling becomes prominent in these countries. Especially, it is prominent in the United Kingdom. In the early 1960s to 19802, there is a Wrestling television show and the name of that show was Tele catch is very popular in Brazil.

However, firstly the professional wrestling started as a sideshow but later it becomes popular. Revenue generates from the sales of tickets. Moreover, television broadcast, pay-per-view, branded merchandise, home videos, etc., are all popular ways to generate revenue.

However, currently, the largest and most popular professional wrestling is WWE is in the United States. In the 20th century, WWE bought many small and large companies. Moreover, it also bought the world championship wrestling (WCW) who was the primary US 2001 it also bought the Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).

However other worldwide wrestling companies include:

Professional Wrestling in 2021

In 2020, as we know that Covid-19 is badly affected the industry of wrestling. Moreover, some of the events of professional wrestling were cancel, and some of them reschedule for 2021. As we know that in 2021, new japan pro wrestling and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) reintroduce with a limited number of fans. The promotions for wrestling matches is continue with the limited number of people or the show was going to be live. However, WWE shows organize with full capacity.

Athletics Competitions involved in Championships

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