In this article, we are discussing indoor volleyball player positions in court. There is a total of six different volleyball player positions. Some of them are attacked on the net and some of them are in the back row. Some player positions are set to control the direction of the game. So here we are discussing different positions of players and how players choose the best position for them according to performance.

Different player positions in court are setter,

Setter Player position

The setter is the specialized position that is player controls the offense of the game. The setter always gets the second ball and sets the ball up for attackers. The volleyball player in the setter position should have good skill for set the ball for the attacker’s player. For a setter, position players should have great communication, leadership and be able to judge the court.

Opposite Player position in volleyball sport

This position is also called right-side hitters. They are located on the right front-hand side of the court and hit from that angle this position is very similar to the outside hitter. They can also play in the back and front of the row. So this player needs good hit skills and is important to learn how to both hit and pass the ball. So lefty player is better than a right-hand player for the opposite player position.

Outside player position in volleyball

In this place, the player hit the ball toward the left side of the opposite team court. This is also called left side player position.  So the left front they can play front row and back row. So it is very important to learn for this player how to attack both sides? They have to be able to block, spike, pass, serve to play defense. The outside hitter is a critical part of the game. For this place player should have jumped high. They are the strongest attackers on the team. So they really need to know how to nail that ball into the ground. They need to notice the whole field quickly for hitting the ball and getting a point. So players need the great skill of volleyball.

Libero player position in Volleyball

Libero is the position that players play in the back row. They wear a different color shirt and they can enter and exit the game without subbing out. They can replace anyone on the court. However, they mainly play for middle blockers because in middle blockers there is only one job to block the ball. They are the best passers and defense the

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