Tennis History

Before going through the tennis history, we should know about what is a tennis sport? So tennis sports also known a racket sports is played between two players. This sport can be single (between two players) as well as double (as a team of 4 players).  A tennis sport is the most popular sport in the world. As this sport is played and preferred by the people all over the world. Tennis sport includes many professional levels in the competition.

In this article, we will talk about world tennis history in detail. Some historians believe that a tennis sport was originated at ancient Egyptian times. Another concept is that tennis sport was played in various versions during the ancient times of Egypt’s, Greeks, and Romans. Though the drawings or descriptions of this kind of game are not yet discovered, it can be found in some Arabic words of ancient Egyptian tennis history as evidence.

It is said that the name of the tennis sport is derived from the Egyptian town “Tinnis” and racket was derived from an Arabian word for palm “rahat”. Apart from those evidence of tennis history, most historians derive the first origin of the game in 11th or 12th-century French monks, where people began playing handball in their courtyards as an indoor game.

Where comes the origin of tennis history

As we mentioned above, some historians believe that tennis sports were first originated in Ancient Egypt. Generally, there is a common belief that the word “racket” comes from the Arabic word “rakhat” which means palm of the hand.  According to tennis history, this game was started to develop as a professional sport in 1872. At that time, tennis was played on the lawns, and the first lawn tennis club was established then. Later the rules for lawn tennis sports were made.

Wingfield Tennis history

Although it seems impossible to specify the origin of tennis sports. Some historians recognized that rules for tennis sports were invented by the British Army Officer Walter Clopton Wingfield. Later in 1873, this sport was known as “lawn tennis”. But he couldn’t justify his creation of lawn tennis rules. He said that he had copied the rules of the Greek game. However, many tennis history researchers believe that he used the rules of English games like squash or badminton, etc. Therefore, the very first player preferred to call it “tennis on the green”, because those were played on grassy lawns.

Court tennis history

Lawn tennis was also known as court tennis, a very famous game in France among all. At the same time, court tennis was also most popular in Great Britain and even at the time of Henry VIII. Although tennis history researchers believe that tennis sports terms are mostly derived from the French vocabulary.

In the 20th century, the tennis sport became more popular all over the world. Later on, the tennis sports championship was renamed by the well-known “US Open” championship.

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