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Important and basic rules in boxing sports

Boxing is a sport, in which two combatant fights by throwing punches. They are usually wearing padded gloves during the fight. Boxing fights are held in a square-shaped area connected with ropes, called a ring. The basic rules of the fight are; each fighter must have to fight within that ring. However, no one allows leaving that ring during the fights. The matches continue until the specified time of the fight. The participants must have to follow the basic rules of boxing sports.

Boxing as a sport can be dangerous for the competitors if the match is played without the specified basic rules. Therefore, these basic rules limit the types of punches a competitor can use during the fight. These basic rules may vary depending upon the administration, in which each match of the boxing takes place.

The boxing competition can either be amateur or professional; the basic rules of the sport must have to be followed. Here we will discuss some basic rules of the boxing sport.

Basic rules of boxing sports

  • Blocking

Blocking is the basic rule of boxing in which fighter’s hands are used as a defense to deflect the attacks coming towards the opponent. When the opponent attacks, the boxer quickly turns over and makes the open-handed bow to redirect the punch.

  • Bout

The bout is a short-time competition conducted between two participants which consist of four rounds. Each round is about three minutes with a one-minute break in each round.

  • Break

This is one of the basic rules in boxing competition in which the referee commands the boxers and frees them from the extended catch or a clinch.

  • Caution

Another important and basic rule of boxing is; during the competition, if a boxer receives 3 consecutive warnings from the referee, this means they are disqualified from the match.

  • Clinch

Clinch is a defensive move of the boxing in which the competitor wraps the participant’s arm and makes a pause for a long time.

  • Down

If the fighter/boxer touches the floor of the ring with any part of the body except their feet, knockdown occurs. In this situation, the referee stops the action. These are the most important and basic rules of boxing.

  • Foul

Breaking rules during the boxing match is a foul and is causes point reduction or warning by the referee. Sometimes breaking the basic rules causes disqualification from the match.

  • Hook

A Hook is one of the most basic rules in boxing. The hook most effective punch in which boxes r turns his core muscles and swings his arm and then punch punches the opponent with full strength.

  • In-fighting

This is the most important rule for the short heightened boxers, in which they can punch and fight within a short distance range. However, this technique can also be used by tall boxers.

  • Jab

A quick punch used in boxing is the jab. In jab, the fighter throws a punch starting from his chin and quickly towards his opponent. This is the most common punch during the fight in boxing.

Some more basic rules of boxing sports

Here we will discuss some more basic rules of boxing sports.

  • Neutral Corner

In the ring of boxing, there are 1 or 2 corners that do not belong to any boxer in the fight. The fighter can stand there knocking down his combatant. This is also one of the basic rules of Boxing sports.

  • Rabbit Punch

Rabbit punch is a rule of punching below the head or the neck of the boxer. This may consider as a dangerous punch in boxing.

  • Saved by the Bell

Save by the bells phrase is used in boxing when the boxer is knockdown by his opponent on the ground, he must have to get back on his feet before the referee starts the countdown.

  • Standing 8 Count

Standing 8 counts is a protection count in boxing, also one of the important basic rules of the sport. In this, the referee stops the entire action and starts the countdown to eight.

  • Uppercut

The uppercut punch in boxing is usually thrown by the boxer in an upward direction that directly hits the opponent’s chin.

  • Warning

According to the basic rules, if the boxer makes a foul the referee warned them. However, 3 warnings in the match lead the boxer towards disqualification.

  • Weaving

Weaving is a defensive move in which the opponent led down his head from an upcoming punch and saves him. This is the most important defensive technique and one of the basic rules of boxing sports.

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