Best Tennis sport equipment

Tennis sport is one of the most popular sport, it doesn’t require much sports equipment to play the game. And also it doesn’t have a big team. It can be played tennis anywhere with 2 players or if played as a team then four players are in the game.

 Mandatory sports equipment is rackets, tennis balls, tennis shoes, and dresses for players. As we all know this is played on a tennis court.  Apart from these players’ requirements, a tennis court requires a net that separates the playing area of each player.

You can find these sports equipment in detail below:

Tennis sport equipment you need

In this article, we will discuss the most important sports equipment that must-have in your knowledge.

·         Tennis Rackets

Tennis rackets are one of the most important pieces of sports equipment. These rackets can be of different shapes and sizes. Each racket has certain aspects according to its manufacturing and is better for certain players of tennis sport.

The standard size for this sports equipment is 12 inches wide and 29 inches long. However, one thing you have to keep in your mind is that tennis rackets should not be larger than these standard dimensions.

·         Tennis Strings

Tennis string is also important sports equipment while choosing a tennis racket. For some people, choosing the best tennis string is a more difficult task.

Tennis strings can put a great impact on your play just like your actual tennis racket do. Here are the 3 main things you should have to consider before choosing tennis string as best sports equipment.

1.       Benefit of string

2.       Materials used in string

3.       Pricing

·         Tennis Balls

A tennis ball is sports equipment that plays a vital role in the game. These balls are specially designed for the tennis game.

The size of the tennis ball is usually 670 cm in diameter and the official color of the ball in tennis tournaments is light green. According to the history of tennis sport equipment, the first tennis ball was made of leather.

·         Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes should be flat and have an athletic sole that provides support to the player on the ground. As a most essential sports equipment, tennis shoes protect the player’s foot and give support to run around the court.

A Tennis player can choose between the shoes depending on where the match is being held. The possibility is available for the players to choose between clay shoes, grass shoes, carpet shoes, and hard shoes. These sports equipment affect the performance of the players.

·         Tennis Clothing

Tennis clothing is another most important and essential sports equipment. Men usually wear comfortable t-shirts that are made of polyester materials. This type of clothing helps to keep them cool during the game as they don’t absorb sweat.

Women usually wear clothes that are comfortable and well fitted. Most of the women players usually wear tank tops or short skirts.

·         Tennis Bags

As another vital part of tennis sport equipment, tennis bags consider as professional. These are specially designed to keep all the sports equipment in one place and easy to carry anywhere.

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