Cross Country Running Races

Cross country running is a sport in which athletes in a team or individual athlete have to run over long distances. They have to run in rough terrains such as grass, mud, water, or hills. These racing events are usually held during the autumn or winter months. The winners are scored according to their running points.

In the cross country running races, both men and women can participate. The age of the athletes does not matter in this event. The range of the distance is not specified. The length of the race depends on the age group of athletes. Many clubs arrange cross country leagues and championships.


Cross country is an ancient gaming sport. It was originated at Rugby School in England where Crick Run events were held every year since 1838. Since the 19th century, the cross country sport was practiced every year in all private schools of England.

In 1851, Exeter College Oxford organizes a foot grind event. it was for undergraduates by the name of the steeplechase. Moreover, Oxford University formed 2-mile cross-country steeple-chase sports in 1860. However, many athletic events were also founded at that time but the decision was replaced in 1865 by the modern steeplechase event in athletics.

In 1868, Thames Hare and Hounds in Roehampton was founded by the Thames Rowing Club. He was looking for winter season exercises and activities. After this many changes were formed in the sport of steeplechase.

In the 1960s, International Amateur Athletic Federation allows women time to take part in the event of cross country. Now cross country running event is the most popular event in athletics sports.

Courses & distances

Cross country running races involve many courses and distances. As we have described before, that the distances of the race may vary for the age group. This decision was made by the directors and can be changed on the basis of gender also.

Usually, cross country meets are divided into two major groups Invitational and competitions. Competitions include states championships, dual meets and conference championships, etc. And the Invitational is the larger meets just because they are open for all such as for any team or individual athlete or participant.

Another common event was introduced, in which a combination of race evens involves putting the men and women together in the same event. This is called the Varsity of men and women.

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