According to “The Sports Answer Book”, College basketball was initially invented because some college physical education directors were upset. Because students were taking physical education classes in the winter season. SO, the college administrator met James Naismith in 1890 and asked him to invent a sport that is as popular as baseball and football. James Naismith was a physical education lecturer in Springfield, Massachusetts. So, He invented the basketball sport with the objective of keeping them in shape during the winter season. Moreover, he develops the original 13 rules of basketball sport.

Growth of College basketball

According to the Kansas historical society’s profile of James Naismith, the college basketball sport was successfully and instantly popular among Springfield students. In 1900, many eastern colleges played basketball sport with each other. At that time, Naismith was coaching Kansas. Moreover, at that time the shoot timing is unlimited so, the points were far fewer than nowadays. Moreover, in 1936 the college players in the USA team beat Canada and wins the first Olympic Gold medal in basketball sport.

College Basketball history

In 1893, the basketball sport was played in some college campuses.

On February 7, 1893, Vanderbilt University was the first college that played against the local YMCA in Nashville, Tennessee.

On April 8, 1893, the second basketball sport was play against New Brighton YMCA by well-organized Geneva College.

In November 1894, the first basketball game occurred between two colleges. Drexel Institute of arts played against Temple College. However, Drexel won the basketball game. Moreover, he used the old rules of 9 players per side and win a basketball game by 26-1.

In January 1896, the University of Chicago and the University of Lowa played the first intercollegiate basketball match in the city of Lowa. They played basketball sport by using modern rules each team has five players. However, according to some sources, the first intercollegiate of five players was initially played by Yen and pale.

In 1900, the basketball sport was success and grow all over the country.

Basketball Tournaments

In 1989, the first national tournament of basketball sport which features collegiate teams play against non-college teams.

The Summer Olympics of basketball sport (1904) was the first tournament which was featuring collegiate teams. In Summer Olympics the basketball was a demonstration sport. However, at that time the Summer Olympic title win by Hiram College.

In 1908, the championship series of basketball sport organize between the University of Chicago and Penn. However, Chicago wins the series.

Moreover, in March 1922, the National Collegiate basketball tournament organizes in Indianapolis.

In 1938, the first NIT basketball championship Tournament win by Temple. They defeated Colorado by 60-36.


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