Introduction of cave diving

Cave diving is an extreme sport. The divers dive into caves that are filled with water. Cave diving is a type of underwater diving. It is a way to explore the flooded caves for scientific research purposes. Moreover, in this sport, the divers will find out the recovery of lost divers. However, the equipment used for cave diving it is depends upon the circumstances but mostly all the Scuba equipment is used. Moreover, due to the lack of free surface, recreational caving is considered technical diving.

However, In the United Kingdom, It is the most common activity. If we compare scuba or cave diving these two are similar but there is a bit of difference depends on the circumstances. These differences are because of high potential risk, equipment’s and required skills that are required in the diving sport.

Moreover, Due to nature that is unexplored attracts the cavers, divers, and speleologist. The caves have a lot of physical features that can be explored through cave diving.

Procedures of Cave Diving

The procedures of cave diving are similar to the procedures that are used in the types of other penetration diving. Moreover, The most of caving is done in which there is no source of breathable gas and also a free surface. There are two basic types of guidelines procedures are used in cave diving these are as follows:

However, Permanent lines involve the main lines, sidelines, and branch lines and also marked the direction.

In addition, Temporary lines involve the exploration and jump lines.

Skills of Cave Diving   

Dangers of Cave Diving         

Cave diving is the most dangerous and challenging type of sport. It is count in a world dangerous sports. It presents many hazards (risks). However, it is a form of penetration diving. It means divers cannot swim vertically because of the cave ceiling. So, he has to swim the entire way if he wants to back out.

The 10 Best Cave Diving Destination

We can find out the caves in every part of the world. Karst region is known as the most frequent location for cave diving. Limestone and gypsum were found in this region. However, The world popular cave  destinations are as follows:

  1. In Mexico, Cenote Angelita – Tulum
  2. Florida Springs , USA
  3. Ben’s Cave, Grand Bahama
  4. In Sardinia, Nereo Cave
  5. Kilsby’s Sinkhole in South Australia
  6. In France Emergence du Russel – Dordogne Region
  7. Orda Cave in Russia
  8. In Brazil, Anhumas Abyss
  9. El Cenote in Cuba
  10. In Zimbabwe, Chinhoyi Caves

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