A Brief Introduction to Wreck Diving

Wreck diving is a specific type of Scuba diving that requires significant skills and provides the seeker who wants some adventure in their life. However, wreck diving is basically the recreational type of diving where the divers explored the wreck of ships, aircraft, and the artificial structure, etc. most divers explore the wreck of the ship but exploring the crash aircraft in deep of the sea will also consider as a wreck diving.

Reason of Wreck Diving

  • The shipwreck dives are interesting to the divers because of some reasons. There are a variety of reasons for doing wreck diving. In this article, we will discuss all the reasons that are interesting for divers.
  • The first reason for wreck diving is because people are flatter with the beauty of unique underwater Wrecks.
  • It often has an interesting historical background.
  • Another reason for wreck diving is that because it provides new challenges for scuba divers. They also managed the risk that is associates with wreck penetration.
  • It may contain historical, artistic, and precious things that have a great monetary value like people’s personal belongings, nautical instruments, brass portholes, silverware, cutlery, and other tableware.
  • Another reason is that it contains ancient and cultural aircraft which also have great monetary value.
  • Shipwreck also has a unique and adventure treasure hunting spot you can explore while diving.
  • Another reason for doing wreck diving is because the divers will explore interesting parts of machinery, which is not observable closely we can call it floating vessels.
  • It is a part of underwater diving heritage or an important archeological resource.
  • Another reason is that it also severs the artificial reefs. That will become the habitat of marines.

Types of wreck diving

There are mainly three types of wreck diving according to Gary Gentile. These are as follows:

  • Non-penetration diving
  • Limited Penetration diving
  • Full penetration Diving

Non-penetration Diving

It is the least hazardous (risky) form of wreck diving. In non-penetration diving, the divers will swim over the wreck. Basically, non-penetration diving is often performed by scuba divers. It requires a full wreck diver’s course to quickly know the risk related to wreck diving, tangled fishing lines, or as well sharp edges.

Limited Penetration diving

This type of wreck diving involves entering a “light zone”, which means entering into the visible part of the wreck and it is should be illuminated by natural light. Moreover, if the divers are unable to enter into the wreck penetration in the zone light is greater than divers can see and present all the hazards of the wreck. It usually depends upon the type of wreck.

Full penetration Diving

It is the most dangerous type of wreck diving that involves greater risk and technical diving. In full penetration diving, the diver will go beyond the light zone. It means the diver will enter into the darkness of the wreck and can be lost in it.

Therefore, divers can easily understand which type of wreck diving is suitable for them. They will choose according to their purpose and interest. Divers should deeply analyze each factor when choosing the type of wreck diving.

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