As we know that from the history of table tennis sport that it is an almost 140 years old sport. Basically, It is a sport that can be played by two or more players. It is known as the term “Ping Pong”. It’s a recreational activity and also becomes part of the Summer Olympics sport since 1988. However, its name originates from the onomatopoeic sound of the ball. The ball basically appears in the year 1884. “Ping” is an initiative sound when the bat hits a ball and a “Pong” sound is produced when the ball bounce on the table.

Moreover, its old name is “ping pong” and “whiff whaff”. In this sport, the player hits the ball by using a small racket across the table. The ball should be lightweight. However, it is played on a hard table. So, in this article, we will briefly discuss the history of table tennis sport.

Origin of Table Tennis

In the 19th century, the first time table tennis appeared in England. The first game was played by using the champagne cork as a ball. Moreover, the cigar boxes were used as bats and the books are used as a net. However, table tennis becomes a distraction for wealthy classes at that time. Moreover, in 1890, David foster who was an Englishman introduced the first game of table tennis sport. Moreover, the first championship was organized in the year 1897 and the destination was Hungary.

The first celluloid ball invents by James Gibb in the year 1901, United States. The ball was much lighter than a rubber ball. Later, E.C Gould introduced the first bats cover of rubber in the year of 1902. It was a famous game in the history of Table Tennis sport.

 History of Table Tennis Tournaments

History of Table Tennis Equipment

The equipment for Table tennis was simple. It is consists of bats, a ball and a table. Indoor tables are good for indoor practices. Outdoor table for outdoor games because its table is solid and durable. Competitive tables are good for professional players because it provides the solidity level. There are many numbers balls that are used by beginners to professionals. The bats and balls were developed foam rubber bats and rubbers that are good and controllable.

The history of table tennis sport was interesting because of its developments. Nowadays, as we know that is part of world popular sports.

The Basic table tennis rules and regulations

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