Introduction of boxing sports

Boxing is a fighting sport in which two participants, wearing padded gloves, compete with each other according to the rules and regulations. The boxers play inside the square ring. The corners of the ring are marked with red and blue colors belonging to the fighter.

The main objective of boxing sports is to knock down the combatant using different techniques and rules under the observation of judges. Boxing is judged by the referee and there is the number of rounds in the competition. Each round has 1 to 3-minute intervals.

The referee can disqualify or terminate the opponent before the result and the winner is announced. When the fight is completed according to the rules set by the organizers, the referee announces the result according to scorecards.

The ancient history of boxing sports

It is narrated that boxing is started in an ancient civilization, where hand-to-hand fights take place. Further, this event was found in the history of the Greek and Roman civilizations. At that time, this is also considered the public favorite sport.

England has publicized boxing during the 18th century. This was seen as the cruelest fight, not a game. And that was the time when the first championship was held in the International Boxing Hall of Fame. The game was fought with bare knuckles.

The bare-knuckles era of boxing sports

The bare-knuckles arena is the period when boxing sports is formally introduced. During this period of time, boxers fight freely and only in the specified arbitrary ring. There is no time limit for the fight, as these fights last for many hours and sometimes continue to the next day also.

The basic rules were not yet defined; boxers fight and are judged by their sportsmanship. Hitting under the belts was not considered a violation at that time. And injuries and blood were common during fights.

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