Before discussing table tennis history, we should know what is table tennis? So, Table tennis is also known as ping pong and whiff-Waff. Table Tennis is a recreational sport. It is similar to the lawn game. It is a team sport. Two or four can play table tennis games. Table tennis is basically an indoor game because the outside environment can affect the ball so the official matches of table tennis are played indoor court. Some of the early names of table tennis sport are as follows:

Moreover, I have already discussed the basic rules of table tennis. SO, in this article, we will discuss table tennis History.

Origin of table Tennis

Table tennis sport is originated in Victorian England, it was played as a Parlour game after dinner among upper-class people. In the 1860s to 1870s table tennis is originally developed by British military officers in India. The row of books was stood up in the center of the table divide the table into half. The name of table tennis originated in 1921 to 1922. However, the old association was broken but the table tennis sport is continuously playing in the part of England outside London. Moreover, in the 1920s table tennis was also played in different countries.

International Table tennis was founded in 1926. The founding members we found in table tennis history are as follows:

Facts in Table Tennis history

In the year of 1926, the first world championship organizes in London.

By the year of 1939, table tennis is dominated by players in central Europe.

The men’s event was won by Hungary nine times and Czechoslovakia two times.

Asia becomes the men’s team event champion in the mid of 1950s and China and Japan also won the championship event.

North Korea also becomes the international table tennis force.

In the year 1980, the First World was held and China won the first prize of $12500.

Table Tennis sport is also becomes a part of the Olympics game in the year 1988.

Equipment-Table Tennis History

Table tennis sport involves limited equipment. However, these are as follows

Indoor tables are good for just indoor practice. On the other hand, the outdoor table was solid. It was more durable. It is perfect just for outdoor games. Moreover. The Cornilleau cover is also provides protection of the Table.

In addition, for professional players, solid table and rubbers balls and bats are necessarily required for playing this sport. The reason of this because balls provide provision and control. Moreover, the table provides the level of solidity.

However, the table tennis history and its equipment are almost 140 years back when the original table tennis sport was created. Moreover, the table tennis sport was played on a dining room or billiards tables.


After discussing the table tennis history we can conclude that the table tennis sport was now is a well-known sport. Now it is played in all the parts of the world. We can say that table tennis is a popular sport in the modern era.

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