Chess  is way too long. Moreover, Chess History is a long journey from its beginning. It takes us back in ancient times. Moreover, there are different eras in History.

Ancient Chess History

In addition, the chess history takes us to almost 1500 years ago. Moreover, the originators of chess are Indians. However, the Indians started the game in 6th century AD. Later on, the game became popular in Persia.

Moreover, when the Arabs occupied and conquered Persia, the game moved into the Muslim world. However, in 15th century the chess evolved into a proper game in chess history.

Romantic Era of Chess History

However, in chess history, romantic chess was a style of chess. In the 18th century, the style spread widely in different areas. Moreover, the romantic chess focuses on quick attempts rather than long planning and strategies.

In addition, romantic chess was a featured chess game. The Hypermodern introduced this version. However, the Hypermodern is basically a school in history, which adds new ideas and moves to chess.

Moreover, the romantic era of chess was at its peak in 1830. The two legendary players in chess history, make it unforgettable. They were Alexander McDonnell and Louis Charles.

In addition, the romantic era of chess goes to its end in 1873 in  history. Moreover, the romantic era meets its end in Vienna Tournament.

Moreover, in 1851, the first tournament of chess was organized in chess history. Its location was London.

In addition, a remarkable step taken in chess history, when the Women’s World Championship was established in 1927. Moreover, in 1937 a great loss in chess history happen when the great legend of chess, Alexander Alekhine died.

Moreover, between 1850 to 1945 the chess became a sport through different championships and tournaments.

Post-world War II era of chess History

However, after the death of great legend Alekhine, a new champion rose up. In 1948, a tournament was held and the winner was Mikhail Botvinnik.

Moreover, many interzonal tournaments were organized by FIDE in 1950 to onwards. However, FIDE is a world chess federation

1990 to Present Chess History

In addition, the 1990s was a splendid decade in chess history. It was a decade of new talent, new challenges, unforgettable victories, etc. Moreover, this decade was the end of the pre-computer chess game.

However, after 2000 the computer game chess was introduced in chess history. Computer chess is played with both hardware and software. It allows people to practice chess games. It provides a platform where people can play games with computers even absence of people as opponents.

In addition, computer chess is an entertaining and recreational activity. There are some chess applications that are available on supercomputers and smartphones.

However, the computer chess game uses heuristics methods for moves. Moreover, nowadays, computer chess became submissive due to the large variety of games available.

Legends in Chess History

In addition, below is a list of legends in chess history:-

Championships in Chess History

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