Road running races are the running­­­­­­­ sports that are measured on the established roads. Therefore, these races are different from track and field running races as they are not on the regular tracks. In Athletics terminology, these sports events are classified as Long distance races.

 In the road running athletics sports, races typically range between 5 km to 42.2 km. According to the IAAF, the most common running races event involves 5k runs, 10k runs, half marathon, and marathon races. Moreover, road running races may involve many wheelchair contestants or runners.

Participants in road running athletics event

Road running in athletics sports are open for all. It means that in most of the running events the general public can also take part. However, These races are held in all the major cities and town streets.

As we know that the road running athletics is one of the most popular sporting events in the world. Moreover, The standard races distances organized by the IAAF are 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon but these races can be classified into any distance. The short-distance road running races are also included in it.

Men and women both can take part and compete in the road running athletics sports accordingly. And the professional runners can run in the same running event.

Health benefits of road running athletics

Road running athletics recognize for various features. It is an activity that attracts people of any age to take part in this sporting event. Anyone can participate for recreational or competitive purposes.

Road running races can also play for charity purposes. These are community-wide. Athletics events and can be held for some specific issue to raise money.

The road running athletics sports have many effects on the body also. It builds the body muscles and makes them strong. Running on the roads strengthens the muscles of the legs, glutes, quads, etc.

Basic rules of Road running athletics sports

The road running rules are passed by the IAAF, ASA, and CGA. Some of these rules are as follows:

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