IAAF – International Association of Athletics Federation

The International Associated of Athletics Federation – IAAF is the international governing body of Athletics competitions forms in July 1912. However, At the start, this organization we know as the International Amateur Athletics Federation. But in the late 1970s, the name change to focus on the professionalism of sports events.

Moreover, The main objective of World Athletics was to fulfill the needs of the world governing body of the sports and competition program. Now the IAAF has 213 member territories and nations which they further divided into 6 continents such as Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America.

However, all the sporting events which take place in athletics fall under the athletics competitions authorities as they do not have independent bodies at the international or continental level. In addition, These 6 athletics authorities are:

However, All these authorities are responsible for the rules and regulations of athletics within their particular countries. Moreover, And all the major competitions or championships permit under these governing authorities.

Athletics Competitions

We divide the athletics competitions into three major types:



Athletics in Olympic Games

At the summer Olympic Games in 1896, the first-ever athletics event was held. However, In the beginning, 4 major sporting events of athletics have been featured in the Olympics Games of 1896. But the cross country running races drop off.

The most reputable athletics competitions at the Olympics were the most-watched events at that time. Which total of 47 athletics events were held, 24 events for men and 23 events for women.


Paralympic Games are specially designs for physically disabling athletes. In 1960, the Paralympics Games were organized in which track and field and road running races were included. This competition is the most renown athletics event for physically disabled persons.

Athletes with lightweight wheelchairs compete in the event of wheelchair racing. A special guide provides to athletes before the event. The Paralympics event internationally held since 1952. IPC- International Paralympics Committee is responsible for athletics competitions which are host by the Paralympics Games.

In addition, Competitions are classified according to the physical disability of athletes. Moreover, These classifications are as follows:

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