Archery sports basically play with arrows and bows. In addition, Archery sport has a long history not less than a journey from its origin to still.

Moreover, The very first evidence of arrows was found came from South Africans, a famous cave had remains of bones and arrows made by stone about 60,000 to 72,000 years ago.

However, Approximately 18,000 years ago, evidence of bows and arrows was found in Europe as well as Germany.

Another evidence found that the very first time, at earliest ages the bow and arrow were used in battle approximately 3,000BC.

Moreover, The use of gunpowder starts in the 16th Century, but before that the bows and arrows also use in wars.

In addition, many ancient civilizations like China, India, and Egypt use to do hunting with bows and arrows.

However, Many classical civilizations like Greeks, Persians, Koreans, Indians, Chinese, and Japanese had large numbers of archers in their army for war.

Archery practiced as National Level Sport

As we know that, Archery Sports practice recreational archery in ancient Egypt and Greek. Moreover, In 1828 the Archery Sport plays like a sport very the first time.

Later, the National Field Archery Association of the United States establishes in 1939. However the purpose of this is to promote roving, field archery, and hunting.

Archery as a National Sport

In addition, In 1971, Bhutan became a member of the United Nations,. Moreover, archery sport officially declares as the national sport of Bhutan.

World Archery Championships

However, It contains the following three types of events:-

World Championships in target Archery(outdoor)

Moreoever, the second event is World Championships in target Archery(indoor)

World Championships in field Archery

List of Championships

(1931)World Outdoor Target Championships

(1991)World Indoor Target Championships

(2003)World 3D Archery Championships

(1999)World Ski Archery Championships

(1998)World Para Archery Championships

(1991)World Youth Archery Championships

(1996)World University Archery Championships

(1969)World Field Archery Championships

List of World Championships Countries in Archery Sport


Sr# Year Host Cities Men’s Individual Women’s Individual Men’s Team Women’s Team
1 1931 Lwow Poland Poland France France
2 1932 Warsaw Belgium Belgium Poland Poland
3 1933 London USA Poland Belgium Poland
4 1934 Bastad Sweden Poland Sweden Poland
5 1935 Brussels Belgium Sweden Czechoslovakia Great Britain
6 1936 Prague Sweden Poland Czechoslovakia Poland
7 1937 Paris Belgium Great Britain Poland Great Britain
8 1938 London Czechoslovakia Great Britain Czechoslovakia Poland
9 1939 Oslo France Poland France Poland
Denmark Great Britain Denamrk Great Britain
11 1947 Prague Sweden Poland Czechoslovakia Denamrk
12 1948 London Sweden Great Britain Sweden Czechoslovakia
13 1949 Paris Sweden Great Britain Czechoslovakia Great Britain
14 1950 Copenhagen Sweden USA Denamrk Finland
15 1952 Brussels Sweden USA Sweden USA
16 1953 Oslo Sweden USA Sweden Finland
17 1957 Prague USA USA USA USA
18 1958 Brussels Sweden Sweden Finland USA
19 1959 Stockholm USA USA USA USA
20 1961 Oslo USA USA USA USA
21 1965 Vasteras Finland Finland USA USA
22 1967 Amersfoort USA Poland USA Poland
23 1971 New York USA Soviet Union USA Poland
24 1973 Grenoble Soviet Union USA USA Soviet Union
25 1975 Interiaken USA USA USA Soviet Union
26 1981 Punta Ala Finland Soviet Union USA Soviet Union
27 1983 Los Angeles USA South Korea USA South Korea
28 1987 Adelaide Soviet Union China West Germany Soviet Union
29 1991 Krakow Australia South Korea South Korea South Korea
30 1993 Antalya South Korea South Korea France South Korea
31 1995 Jakarta Finland Moldova South Korea South Korea
32 1997 Victoria South Korea South Korea South Korea South Korea
33 1999 Riom South Korea South Korea Italy Italy
34 2001 Bieging South Korea South Korea Italy China
35 2003 New York Italy South Korea South Korea South Korea
36 2005 Madrid South Korea South Korea South Korea South Korea
37 2007 Leipzig South Korea Italy South Korea South Korea
38 2009 Ulsan South Korea South Korea South Korea South Korea
39 2011 Turin South Korea Chile South Korea Italy
40 2013 Belek South Korea Denmark USA South Korea
41 2015 Copenhagen South Korea South Korea South Korea Russia
42 2017 Mexico City South Korea Russia Italy South Korea
43 2019 Hertogenbosch USA Chinese Taipei China Chinese Taipei

The Top 4 Best Types of Archery sport

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